Have you climbed before and can you safely climb, without the supervision of an instructor?  Come to climb in the tallest and most modern climbing gym in Romania!

Entrance to the gym is only permitted after filling out a security form through which you find out about the safety precautions you need to respect, the risks posed by rock climbing and you take responsibility for all your actions inside the gym. If you do not master the security maneuvers in climbing, you can learn them taking one of our climbing classes.

  • Through this form and using the safety maneuvres you will declare knowledge of, we will inform you of the types of rope maneuvres you are allowed to perform inside the gym. For your own safety and the safety of others, Vertical Spirit staff reserves the right to ban some courses of action or rope maneuvres if they deem them not up to par with performance standards. Also, we may restrict gym access if you don’t respect the safety precautions.
  • For underage climbers above 14 who come alone, a parent or legal guardian must fill out and sign the waiver. Minors who are younger than 14 can only enter the gym during climbing classes or accompanied by an adult (parent, legal guardian, coach, representative of the parent or legal guardian) who will take responsibility for their safety.
  • For minors the waiver must be signed by the parent, legal guardian, coach or a person empowered by the parent, in the presence of the designated staff of the Vertical Spirit Climbing Gym.
  • You can read more about the gym’s rules of procedure and safety rules in the page: Safety.



Kids, pupils, students
1 session 50 LEI 45 LEI (except for students)
1 sesson_morning (Mondays – Fridays, 10.00 – 16.00) 45 LEI 40 LEI (except for students) 
4 sessions_valid for 1 month 160 LEI 145 LEI
10 sessions_valid for 2 months 400 LEI 360 LEI
monthly pass 210 LEI 190 LEI
monthly pass_morning (Mondays – Fridays, 10.00 – 16.00) 160 LEI 140 LEI
3 month pass 545 LEI 490 LEI
6 month pass 1010 LEI 970 LEI
yearly pass 1890 LEI 1825 LEI
monthly DOUBLE GYM pass
unlimited sessions at Carpatic and Vertical Spirit
300 LEI
monthly 2Gym pass
unlimited sessions at Blokx and Vertical Spirit
350 LEI 320 LEI

Fees do not include: instructor, safety equipment (harness, belay device, carabiners, ropes for lead climbing), climbing shoes or chalk. 

Climbing shoes or harness 15 lei/session – 70 lei/month 10 lei/session – 60 lei/month
Belay device + locking carabiner 5 lei / session
Chalk bag (with chalk) 5 lei / session
Locker for personal items 5 lei / session sau 25 lei / month
DISCOUNT 10% for the monthly pass: for at least 2 members of the same family (children/parents).
MONTHLY PASS BONUS 1 FREE session for a friend who’s never been to Vertical Spirit. This session is given with each pass renewal and does not include an instructor or equipment.
  • We recommend wearing the climbing shoes with socks
  • Ropes for tope rope are for FREE!
  • If you are enrolled in our classes, safety equipment is included (harness, belay device, ropes).
  • Unused passes or sessions cannot be used in another period and the money cannot be returned.