Whether you are interested in a team building session, a corporate event, a couple of active, engaging hours spent alongside your team members, entrance passes for employees or gift vouchers for your clients, we can offer you the right solution at Vertical Spirit.

Rock climbing is not merely a personal challenge. It’s a highly complex sports activity through which one can develop many qualities and skills in a fun and unconventional manner, including communication, cooperation, creativity, positive thinking, persistence, willpower, courage and dynamism. It is ideal for strengthening a team since participants depend on each other while climbing, so they need to cooperate and show trust. Practicing climbing can help them gain self confidence and self respect when they manage to achieve their goals.

A team-building session can include special workshops and be customized and adapted to your needs: blindfolded, safety zones, jungle vines,the  hanging bridge, the spider web, the giant zip line, the rope of power, speed climbing / relay on the spider web, the leap of faith. Workshops are led by an experienced instructor as each one requires a briefing and debriefing as well as feedback for participants.

Climbing is also a fun and engaging way to spend your leisure time so access can be offered as an employee benefit or as a gift for a client.

according to your requests and the availability of our gym: 

  • certified, friendly and smiling staff
  • climbing-specific equipment
  • access to all of the gym’s facilties: the lead climbing and bouldering walls, beginner’s corner, climbing-specific training area, spacious locker rooms, showers, Balcony Café – a comfortable and inviting interior lounge, set up inside the gym, where you can have drinks and snacks
  • exclusive acess to the gym
  • for groups of any size and larger events: Mondays to Fridays from 08.00 to 18.00; Saturdays from 17.00-22.00, Sundays from 09.00-21.00
  • for groups consisting of a maximum 8-12 people: Mondays to Fridays from 18.00-22.00; Saturdays from 11.00-17.00

We can give you EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO THE GYM on Saturdays from 17.00-22.00 or Sundays from 09.00-21.00 and only occasionally on weekdays before 16.00

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