The Confidentiality Policy describes the categories of your personal data that we process, the modalities and purposes for their collection, the situations in which we may transfer persona data as well as various rights and options that you have in this regard. Simultaneously, our Confidentiality policy details the manner in which we process persona data while managing our customer relationships.

1. Principles for data protection

  • Collection of personal data will only be made for the specified purposes, which are both explicit and legitimate (presented at point 3).
  • The data will not pe processed by third parties in a manner that is not compatible with these purposes;
  • In casethat there is a need for update of given data, your consent remains in place until you notify the VERTICAL SPIRIT SPORTS CLUB about this;
  • Processing of personal data will be carried out legally, correctly and transparently;
  • All personal data will be kept confidential and stored in a manner which ensures their security;
  • Personal data will not be sent to third parties unless this is necessary for the purposes detailed in point 3;
  • Those whom this concerns have the right to request access to persona data, to change or remove it, to oppose or restrict their processing, as well as having the right to data portability.

2. Personal data and their collection
The data we collect may include the following:

  • Personal data include all manner of direct or indirect information (used in connection to other data) which refers to the subject natural person, such as: surname and first name, e-mail address, posting address, telephone or mobile telephone number or other contact information necessary for keeping in touch with you in order to process any placed orders or for any other goals set regarding our customer relationship with you;
  • We collect login data regarding access to the online club account;
  • We collect using Google Analytics data about your device and the manner in which you and your device interact with our products;
  • We collect using Google Analytics data about your usage characteristics, items you buy on our webpages which you visit;
  • We collect using Google Analytics data regarding the device and network that you’re using to connect to our sites, as well as geographical area, language and operating system. We do not collect information regarding software installed on your system or product keys.


3. Purpose for collection of personal data

  • Any communication related to informing a natural person about validation, sending and billing orders, handling cancellations or any problems concerning an order, regarding items bought on the online shop;
  • Any communication related to informing a natural person about posting / delivery of samples, newsletters, promotional items;
  • Any communications to natural persons in our database regarding the sending of informative newsletters and / or periodic reminders, news concerning items, feedback forms or other actions and activities of the company, sent using the electronic mail (e-mail, SMS) of the concerned natural person;
  • respecting legal obligations;

IMPORTANT: additionally, if the need arises or the specific situation requires this for accomplishing the goals defined above (an example: sending an order, processing card payment for an order, sending packaged samples, informative/promotional items), VERTICAL SPIRIT SPORTS CLUB may send personal data to partner companies but only after a confidentiality agreement on their part, which guarantees safe storage of the data and access to the data according to existing law, as follows: delivery service providers, marketing services providers, payment/banking services providers, IT services providers and similar others. If you do not agree to disclosure of your personal data to these companies, you are asked to contact DPO at

Personal data may also be sent to the General Prosecutor’s Office, the police, tribunals or other state institutions, according to and limited by legal boundaries and after specifically formulated requests.

4. Usage of personal data
We will only use personal data for the purposes in which they were collected and will only store data for as long as necessary for the objectives specified above (point 3);

5. Security of processing
We will process the data securely, will apply and maintain adequate technical measures to protect personal data from destruction or accidental or malicious destruction, altering, disclosure or unauthorised access, particularly if processing onvolves sending data through a network, as well as from any other kind of illegal processing.

Questions regarding personal data security can pe sent to the DPO at the e-mail address

6. Access and update or removal of personal data

  • You have the right to request at any moment: updating, moving, removal or restriction of processing of collected personal data;
  • To keep personal data up to date, we recommend that you inform us about any changes or mismatches;
  • Your expressed consent will remain active until you withdraw it.
  • Once you have expressed your disapproval in writing, your personal data may not be processed any longer and we will take the appropriate measures to erase any entires that have your personal data.
  • Your consent may be withdrawn at any time, free of charge, by clicking the UNSUBSCRIBE link in the fotter of any e-mail from us or by sending your request directly in writing to the e-mail
  • To view or change your personal data or do get information regarding personal data, as well as for any dissatisfactions regarding processing personal data, you can send an e-mail to
  • We remind you of the rights given by the General Regulation regarding Data Protection 679/2016, including the right to be informed, access, update, not be the subject of a decision relying exclusively on automatic processing, erasure. 
  • You can exercise any of these rights by sending an e-mail to of you can send a letter to our headquarters. We might ask you to prove your identity by sending us a valid ID copy to respect any security obligations we have and prevent unauthorised disclosure of data. 

We will take into consideration any request or complaint we receive and will send back a reply in due time. If you are not satisfied with our reply, you can forward your complaint to the National Authority for Supervision of Personal Data Processing, whose headquarters is at 28-30 Gheorghe Magheru Boulevard, Bucharest, Romania.

7. Updating this confidentiality policy
The latest update to this Confidentiality Policy was in October 2018. We claim the right to update and change this Confidentiality Policy periodically, to match any changes to the manner in which we process your personal data or any changes to the legal requirements. In case of any such changes, we will display the updated version of the Confidentiality Policy on our company websites.