MODERN AND CREATIVE ROUTESETTING – At Vertical Spirit, we show great care towards routesetting, since climbing routes are what challenges and inspires us to set new goals. This is why routesetters use their creativity and experience to set new and innovative routes with the latest holds.


  • sport climbing: 90 to 115 routes, with grades from 5b to 8a+.
  • bouldering: about 30 boulder problems, from 5c to 7a bouldering.
  • beginners and kids area: 10m high sport climbing walls, with very easy routes, where only toproping is allowed.

This is a gym that has routes for everyone, from people who try the sport for the first time to dedicated climbers and athletes. No matter your climbing level, you will find routes to your liking!

For sure you will never get bored since we set new routes on a weekly basis and the old ones are constantly replaced. Both sport routes and boulder problems are set by colors, which means that a route’s holds all have the same color. Each route’s grade, along with its setting date and the routesetter’s name, are written down on a sticker which is placed by the route’s starting holds.

Come climb with us, set up new goals and get inspired by the gym’s routes!