AT VERTICAL SPIRIT spring begins with MARTISOR IN THE VERTICAL REALM – a climbing evening for women, FREE each year on March 1st, dedicated to all the girls and ladies that are either passionate about climbing or eager to try new experiences. Accept the challenge: enjoy a unique night out and celebrate spring’s arrival by climbing together with Vertical Spirit! This is an evening when ladies will be front and center, with an event schedule that’s been custom designed for them.


  • Redpoint competition: 30 boulder problems with grades from 4 to 6c+.
  • Final Routes: 2 onsight problems for the first 6 ranked.
  • Routesetter: OLIVER BATÂR

INTRODUCTION TO CLIMBING SESSION – The number of open spots is at most 12. This is designed for women who have never participated in introduction or climbing classes at Vertical Spirit. There is a 50% discount. 

FASHION CHALLENGE: Make an impression! Let us drop our inhibitions and conformity and enjoy beautiful and colored clothes and – why not? – even have them be tight-fitting and feminine. You are permitted – nay, encouraged, to have your hair done, wear nail polish, make-up, skirts and dresses.

COOKING CHALLENGE – ladies spoil each other! Prepare a tasty treat and let us share experiences and enjoy new tastes! We will also prepare suprise cakes, and hot, savory tea will be on the house!


On March 1st, the gym will be open to all customers. Gym access and event participation is FREE for all ladies!