ANNUAL BOULDERING CIRCUIT taking place over the course of the whole year from February to November. It is aimed especially for beginner & medium level climbers, who frequent the Vertical Spirit climbing gym.

IF YOUR BOULDERING GRADE DOESN’T GO ABOVE 7a, but you’d like to make progress, enroll in the CIRCUIT and you’ll get constant challenges throughout the year! Even more, you’ll be able to keep track of your results and progress, thus helping you sustain your motivation!


  • New routes will be set weekly or every two weeks, with grades between 4c and 7a.
  • Permanently on the bouldering wall there will be approximately 30 routes included in the circuit.
  • The routes may be climbed by anybody, at any time during the gym’s hours.
  • THE FINAL of the circuit – will be organized for the first 12 ranked (6 men and 6 women), at the end of November.


  • The rankings will be calculated according to points obtained by climbing the set problems, during the year.
  • Depending on the grades, each route will have a certain score as follows: gr4 – 100p; 5a – 250p; 5b – 400p; 5c – 700p; 6a – 1000p; 6a+ – 1450p; 6b – 1800p; 6b+ – 2500p; 6c – 4000p; 6c+ – 6000p; 7a – 10.000p . The scores for all the routes climbed throughout the year will be added.
  • The maximum score can be obtained by climbing the route on the first attempt.
  • For each of the first 5 failed attempts, the score decreases with 10%.
  • If the route is climbed after 6 or more attempts, the score obtained will be 35% of the maximum score.
  • For instance, if a route has a score of 1000 points and is climbed first go, you get 1000 points; if it is completed in the fourth attempt, 100 points are deducted for each unsuccessful try, so the final score will be 700 points; if it is completed in the 6th attempt or more, you get 350 points (35% of the route score)


  • Each participant will write down the problems they’ve finished on the scoreboard inside the gym.
  • The problems may be climbed at any time during the gym’s hours.
  • On the basis to the scoreboard we will create an online-viewable Excel file where you will be able to check the rankings as they are updated in real time.
  • We’re relying on your own FAIR PLAY regarding writing down the problems correctly!