The Vertical Step Marathon is the largest indoor climbing event in Romania. It has a long tradition at Vertical Spirit and takes places every year in the final weekend of November. It’s more than just a climbing competition – Vertical Step Marathon tells the story of the Vertical Spirit gym. It’s the story of a journey – our journey, the Vertical Spirit team. It’s a story about climbing, passion, challenges, a great deal of work, accomplished dreams but new horizons as well.

In November 2009, we opened the tallest and most complex climbing gym in Romania and, to celebrate the occasion, we wanted to organise a different kind of event, outside the usual fare, to draw both climbers from all around the country and the press. In this, we have succeeded. The event marked the opening of this gym and has become the symbol for Vertical Spirit.

  • A climbing marathon that takes place over 2 days;
  • A competition that features both bouldering and sport climbing, dedicated to all climbing levels, both for men and women;
  • A meeting of climbers from all over the country, which also draws outside high-level climbers each year;
  • An occasion for its participants to overcome their limits, to interact with others, to live and share valuable experiences;
  • An event meant to promote and develop sport climbing in Romania.
  • Open women / Open men – climbers at a medium or advanced level, who climb above 8+/8- (6c) sport routes.
  • Rookie women / Rookie men – beginner climbers, who climb above 8+/8- (6c) sport routes.
  • Juniors – all participants under the age of 18, who would like to compete, during the time intervals and on the routes reserved for the Rookie category.

The Vertical Step Maraton will remain a festival – competition dedicated to climbing, the free spirit and non-conformity of those who practice the sport. Since it’s a sport climbing and bouldering „marathon”, we encourage all participants to accept our challenge and compete in both the bouldering and sport climbing sections – to overcome their limits and push past their comfort zones.

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DON’T MISS THE VERTICAL STEP MARATHON – a competition where everyone can overcome their limits and improve their performance!!!