We are starting a new edition of the annual GREUceanu & Prâslea cel Voinic lead climbing trophy. Come and climb the new routes and push your limits!

Times: February – November 2020
Categories: men & women (for both sections – Greuceanu and Praslea)



  • There will be more routesetting sessions.
  • Within each session: 7 routes will be set, with difficulties between 7b and 8a.
  • Duration of a session: about 1½ – 2 months (during which the routes remain on the climbing wall).
  • Participants: middle-level & advanced climbers as well as performance athletes, regardless of age. Children and juniors athlets under 16 are allowed to participate if they are accompanied by a parent or coach.
  • Routesetter: Oliver Batâr


  • Routes are set throughout the year and are specifically indicated on the walls.
  • Each route will remain set for about 2 months.
  • The grades go from 6c to 7a+/7b.
  • Participants: beginner & middle level climbers which can climb a maximum grade of 7a+ / 7b, regardless of age. Performance climbers (both children and adults) are not allowed to participate in this section. 


  • A route is sent: if the last quick draw is cliped and the top hold is controlled.
  • THE ONLY PERMITTED METHOD OF CLIMBING (including for working the routes) is on lead. Routes that have been worked on a toprope will not be considered even if they are then climbed on lead.
  • The grades are estimative. There may be differences between the appreciation of the routesetters and that of the participants, but this will not change the scores of the routes.
  • Each participant must complete a Participation Card, which will be kept at the Reception of the climbing gym throughout the trophy.
  • The name and the signature of the belayer as well as the date when the route was sent are required, in order to validate the route.
  • The routes can only be registrated on the day they have been sent. Subsequent registration is not allowed !!!
  • Climbing the GREUceanu and Praslea cel Voinic routes is allowed to all Vertical Spirit clients.
  • A minimum of 5 participant climbers per category are required in order to award the money prizes. And a minimum of 3 participant climbers per category are required in order to award the trophies.


  • Depending on the route level, a number of points will be awarded for each route as follows:
    GREUceanu: 7b_50pct, 7b + _100pct, 7c_300pct, 7c + _500pct, 8a_1000pct
    Prâslea cel Voinic: 6c_100 pct, 6c + _300 pct, 7a_1000 pct, 7a + / 7b_3000 pct
  • At GREUceanu, for sending all routes within a session, a bonus of 2000 points is added.
  • For the routes sent on the first attempt it is added a bonus of 30% of the route score.
  • For the ranking, the points obtained throughout the year are cumulated.
  • At GREUceanu, to enter the ranking, it is not mandatory to participate in all 3 sessions of the Trophy.