We’re excited to have you in the final climbing camp this year to take your first steps in the climbing world or round out the skills you’ve gained over the summer. You will discover new climbing areas, challenging routes and have new adventures to share back home.

You will push past your limits and get better self-knowledge. Fear is part of the process but the key lies in finding your inner courage – so overcome your fears, gain self-confidence, enjoy nature’s splendor and discover new places!

PERIOD: September 26th-29th, 2019

WHERE?  At Baile Herculane


Anybody over the age of 16, no matter their climbing experience or physical preparation. Minors can only participate with their parents’ written agreement.


The camp is suited both for those who are either climbing inside or outside on rock for the first time and those who already have some climbing experience and would like to make progress.

  • Toprope climbing (rope secured above) on various routes to gain familiarity with the rock and the requisite techniques
  • Skills and techniques for climbing on rock: using handholds and footholds, employing friction, adopting coreect body positioning and balance
  • Safety maneuvres: belaying a topropre climber, setting up and taking out the toprope, rappelling, belaying a lead climber.
  • Lead climbing: how to onsight or flash a route, how to work a route.


Either in the town of Herculane or nearby, either at a lodging or camping with a tent (your choice)


  • Because it has a very friendly climate, meaning spring usually comes earlier than in the rest of the country
  • Because is has a great number of easily accessible crags and a lot of routes for any climbing level (a couple of crags have been opened by our club specifically for climbing camps)
  • Because of the area’s unique charm, which comes from a blend of beautiful natural landscapes and a high number of thermal springs where you can relax after a day’s climbing.


Early Bird fees, for enrollment by September 15th:

  • 570 RON / person for those who HAVE NOT participated in previous climbing camps
  • 500 RON / person for those who HAVE participated in previous climbing camps

Regular fees, for enrollment part September 15th:

  • 630 RON / person for those who HAVE NOT participated in previous climbing camps
  • 560 RON / person for those who HAVE participated in previous Vertical Spirit climbing camps

When you sign up, you must pay a 50% advance fee to book your spot – you cannot sign up without paying the advance and filling out the requisite form.

Fees include climbing equipment: harness, climbing shoes, helmet, rope, belay device – there will be no discounts for those who already have their own climbing equipment.

DEADLINE FOR SIGNING UP: 20th of September 2019

DETAILS AND SING UP: at the Vertical Spirit climbing gym at Baicului or by e-mail to Roxana Anghel

Contact person: Roxana Anghel

E-mail: roxana@verticalspirit.ro ; phone: 0785.211.960