No matter your age, fitness level, skills or your climbing level, you will surely find the right routes for you at Vertical Spirit, as well as smiling staff that’s always ready to help, friendly and experienced instructors that will help you take you first steps in the vertical realm or make progress and also an inviting atmosphere in which you can meet other people passionate about this exciting sport.

Complex lead climbing wall        15.5 m tall – vertical projection, very diverse three-dimensional layout, ideal for performance training sessions and high-level competition, and also for those who are just discovering climbing.
Bouldering wall                                           high complexity, varied angles, routes are set by colour and difficulty level + 45 degree overhang for endurance training, featuring colour circuits at different intensity levels.
Kids and beginners’ area 10m high toprope climbing walls, with routes specifically set for beginners and children.
Specific training area Moonboard, Pan Gulich, hangboards, pullup bar, TRX, dumbbells, stretch bands, medball, pushup handles, finger extensors,
900 sqm climbing wall area
300 sqm floor area dedicated to climbing
> 150 lead and bouldering routes for all levels, from beginner to expert
> 5.000 climbing holds
> 20 top ropes
FREE OF CHARGE lead climbing ropes


You don’t need to put on your gym clothes at home! We’ve hot spacious locker room and showers (with hot water and which work year-round). Locker rooms have lockers which can be rented on a daily or monthly basis. If you haven’t rented a rocker, don’t leave expensive personal items in the locker rooms, as we cannot guarantee their safety. Small valuables (phone, wallet, keys) can be left ar Reception. Large personal items (laptop bags, backpacks etc) may not be stored at Reception.


An indoor lounge set up right inside the gym, a comfortable and inviting space with a view to the gym, where you can have a tea or a good coffee, you can enjoy a craft beers or have some crunchies while you are waiting for your child, chatting with your friends, reading, working or simply relaxing.


A small, cosy shop greets you right at the gym’s entrance, where you can buy kind of common climbing gear: climbing shoes, carabiners, belay devices, chalk, chalk bags, belay glasses, tape, brushes for cleaning holds and other knick-knacks.


To maintain well-being and increase performance, recovery is just as important as practicing your sport. Massage greatly helps the recovery process by relaxing tense muscles or, as the case may be, improving muscle tone. We therefore invite you to the massage room inside the gym – a pleasant space conducive to relaxation. You can enjoy 30 or 60 minute sessions, as well as several kinds of massage (relaxation, toning, anti-cellulite). 

BIKE LOCK BAR – If you prefer cycling, we have dedicated metal bars where you can lock your bike and leave it safely, so you don’t need to worry about it during training. The bars are located right on the gym’s outer wall, next to the entrance. We do not offer bike locks, so make sure to bring your own!