Make your events more special with our portable climbing wall! A climbing wall will enhance your event’s success, being a challenge to people of all ages and abilities.

Our friendly and smiling staff will interact with people, offering them an exciting, fun and safe experience.

The portable climbing wall is ideal for: corporate events, fairs and expos, festivals, team building events, sports and recreational events, children’s events, private parties or any other crazy idea you may have that we can help you realize.

The wall can be set up in: parking spaces, inner courtyards, green spaces, parks or playgrounds or even atrium, depending on access conditions.


  • Tall climbing wall (most requested) – Features: vertical wall, 6m tall and 3.25m wide. It can either be plain or have triangular volumes mounted on it. Use of climbing ropes and safety harnesses is a must. Requires specialized staff to belay climbers.
  • Wide climbing wall – Features: vertical wall, 3m tall and 3 or 6m wide. Does not require safety ropes. For better safety, can be set up in a sandy area or you could use mats at the bottom. Does not require specialized staff for oversight.
  • Modular climbing wall – Features: can be shaped like a cube with a 2m side length of an open book with the spine facing upwards, having a height of 3m and a width of 3.75m. For better safety, can be set up in a sandy area or you could use mats at the bottom. Does not require specialized staff for oversight.
  • Customized climbing wall – Each event is unique and the requirements differ depending on your goals. Therefore, to aid you, we offer custom solutions according to preferences, location and the wall’s envisioned purpose. If the standard offer does not fit your needs, we can design a climbing wall customized for your event (geometry, size, colours). And yes, we can set it up right above a swimming pool!


  • Transporting the climbing wall
  • Setting up and taking down the wall
  • Safety climbing equipment required – internationally approved: harnesses, ropes and belay devices, climbing holds
  • Qualified staff throughout the entire event
  • Customizing the climbing routes depending on the clients’ climbing abilities and your goals
  • Consulting for the optimal solution concerning the wall’s geometry and sizes, as well as the activities planned for it
  • The wall can feature a branding on its sides

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