In recent years, indoor rock climbing has become very popular and artificial climbing walls can be seen everywhere – indoors and outdoors, being either fixed or movable: inside specialized climbing gyms, university campuses, schools and kindergartens, sportive or shopping centers; wherever people engage in leisure activities, during events and inside the headqurters of prestigious companies. Do you own or administer one of these? Would you like a climbing wall that’s been custom made for your employees?

We can build a custom climbing wall for your needs and requirements! We will built it according to your stated goals, placement options and budget; it can take many forms and have various sizes. We can help you choose the best option and the ideal structural support system.  

Step 1 – Contact us!

Step 2 – You give us infos on your budget, location and purpose of the climbing wall, and we can consult you on the geometry and structural support system.

Step 3 – Depending on the agreed solution, we commence designing, getting construction materials and building the climbing wall.

Step 4 – The climbing wall has been finished. We will continue to offer advice concerning:

  • Choosing and buying specific safety and climbing equipment: ropes, harnesses, mats, belay devices, climbing shoes
  • Important points about cleaning and using the climbing wall
  • Picking and training specialized staff